NM problem

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Dec 17 04:41:07 UTC 2011

It appears the netmanager problem is an installer problem that affects all
alternate installs (ubuntu desktop included). The problem comes from
connecting to the net while installing. I think Ubuntu wants to do this to
keep the iso within CD size, make sure the latest version of software is
installed instead of upgrading right after install. The problems with this
idea include:
 - it breaks NM (at least for now)
 - it increases the time required for install (almost double for me)
 - wireless connections are not robust enough to depend on for an install.
    (they are ok once NM is managing them as it will restart a failed one)
I would rather a larger image on a usb stick. However, there are older
machines with only a cdrom drive (I have one). I am not sure what the
solution is, just that US can't solve it. This is a ubuntu installer
problem... and based on ubuntu decisions. For me, failing the network
hookup while installing is the answer... it fixes all the above problems.

My next problem is also an installer problem (well not really it shows up
with installation). it is unique to US but again not our packages problem.
If I install US and choose only one workflow and finish the install that
way all goes well. Now I reboot into my new system and look around and go
"oh, those plugins are missing, I should install those too". So I plug in
my USB stick with the install ISO on it and tell synaptic to add the "cd"
as a software source.... It can't find my ISO. If I force mount it on
/media/cdrom, synaptic figures out it is not a real CD and unmounts it and
tries to mount the real cd... I did find that if I force mount my usb
stick to /media/cdrom then take the terminal and cd into one of the iso
directories (so umount can't unmount it) and leave it there... I can then
install an extra meta off the usb stick. Great, how is a "newby fresh from
windows" user going to figure that out? Most other ubuntu siblings don't
have this problem because they don't have a workflow chooser as part of
the install (except maybe server). Right now the repository chooser gives
the options of some online repositories and the cdrom. It should allow
pointing at an iso image or one of the mounted file systems. I don't know
if this equates to a bug or not, or if there is a setting for this

Len Ovens

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