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If Nautilus is autostarted by any means, it will display desktop icons if the option to use them has been dconf-editor (org/gnome-desktop/background/show-desktop-icons). Personally, I consider gnome-tweak-tool in addition to gnome-control-center to be mandatory if running any part of gnome and expecting someone not familiar with either using dconf-editor or directly editing schemas to be able to use the machine.
I have used nautilus and pcmanfm as file managers on various machines, the only conflicts I've seen are if both are set to manage the desktop at the same time, sounds like the same is true of thunar. There is,'however, one issue in "splitting" file managers: Any directory on the disktop, if clicked on, will open in that file manager, not another one selected as a default. Therefore, I strongly recommend that the file manager normally used be the one that controls the desktop.
Anyway, all it would take to make Nautilus put icons on the desktop in another environment is to NOT start another window manager with controlling the desktop selected, and autostart nautilus with it set to draw the background and draw icons. Of course, if you right-click on the desktop, the menu you get will be the one associated with nautilus, not wtth thunar! Therefore, any DE that uses the right-click-on-desktop menu for anything important will need a replacement for that functionality if fun with Nautilus.
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> > > file manager - nautilus
> > Ok, I think thulnar is trying to become this anyway, so if nautilus works
> > better... I think you may find thulnar is used to put file icon on the
> > desktop in xfce though... it may be hard to remove and still use xfce.
> To get rid of desktop icons: Menu > Settings > Setting Manager > Desktop > Icons
> ;)
> Ralf
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