choosing typical desktop applications

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disc burner - *K3B *(have not seen another one that is overall better.)


Again +1 for K3b, it's the only burner that is useful for everything.


*NOTE: As mentioned by others, I've also seen the time-lag when opening
Thunar on Ubuntu Studio 11.10.  Seems like Nautilus opens faster, when it
is installed.


Unfortunately I lost my Debian testing by an accident, but I can't remember such a time-lag. Anyway, I'm using Arch Linux with Xfce and Thunar now. If I click the icon to open it, it's directly opened with the click. No delay here.

$ uname -r
$ thunar --version
Thunar 1.2.3 (Xfce 4.8)

64 bit AMD Athlon dual core BE-2350 2.1 GHz 4 GB RAM

- Ralf
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