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Nautilus pulls in a lot of GNOME dependencies, so if the rest of the
> system is XFCE you'll end up shipping both GNOME and XFCE libraries,
> configuration systems, etc which will probably result in an unholy
> mess like Linux Mint:
> Just an opinion; maybe I'm just too influenced by the "every piece is
> native and integrated" philosophy of elementary project.

IIRC a long time ago I had GNOME2 and Fluxbox for 64 Studio installed and I tried to use Nautilus as file browser for Fluxbox, it might be that it where two other DEs, since I was a KDE3 user. To make a long story short, when I used the file browser for the light weight DE and closed it, the desktop and panel switched to the heavy weight DE.
It might be possible to reduce the dependencies by building a new Nautilus package and it might then work without any risk as long as just Xfce is installed, but I suspect it to be risky if somebode will install GNOME too.

OT: Some days ago I accidently rm -r important data + backups, both on ext4 partitions. I really, really directly remounted to read only, hence the data can't be overwritten, but until now no tool was able to recover the data. It seems to be safer to suggest ext3 instead of ext4.

- Ralf
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