choosing typical desktop applications

Len Ovens len at
Wed Dec 14 22:26:24 UTC 2011

On Wed, December 14, 2011 10:48 am, Scott Lavender wrote:

> text editor - gedit
fine by me

> image viewer - ristretto
I have had problems with this showing some of the pictures from my
camera... we already have shotwell which does the same job and works, why
double up?

> pdf viewer - evince
It's the one everyone is used to.

> audio player - audacious
fine by me, works with anything I have.

> video player - totem
ok, better than parole

> file manager - nautilus
Ok, I think thulnar is trying to become this anyway, so if nautilus works
better... I think you may find thulnar is used to put file icon on the
desktop in xfce though... it may be hard to remove and still use xfce.

> disc burner - brasero
seems to work ok.

Is GCDMaster in there anywhere? It seems to be the only tool that does
easy disk-at-once (no space between tracks for live projects) editing. Or
is there another tool I'm missing.

I am sure I will be adding my own list of favorites in any case. Can't
please everyone....

Len Ovens

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