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I'd also consider not shipping a text editor at all.
Nowadays we use rich text editors aka text processors for text. A modern text editor is really a code editor - that's the only use case for it (there's also questionable editing of config files, but I assume Ubuntu Studio already ships proper configs so the user won't have to spend hours editing configs).
And, admit it, neither mousepad nor leafpad are convnient for writing code. So, if you think your users will have to write code, ship Gedit; if you want to provide a basic text editing support for miscellaneous use, ship something from this list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DQdBtgo1RDXXo4arN1-4geZ6xJYyKDkdcQNEHAYLMds/edit


Hi Sergey :)

I disagree. I'm comfortable with leafpad to write shell scripts that handle my audio sessions.
How do you manage your audio sessions?


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