Broken or useless package

Len Ovens len at
Tue Dec 6 00:57:40 UTC 2011

On Mon, December 5, 2011 6:51 am, Scott Lavender wrote:
>> While we are at it...  * (leafpad) gives at least some text
>> editing/viewing.
>>  * (orage) gives a much nicer clock applet that includes a pop up
>> calender
>> for instant "so that would be next thursday then?" kinds of things. The
>> current clock applet could be removed.
> missing text editor was a definitive oversight during last cycle and i
> have it already on a list to correct.  there is leafpad and mousepad
> for xfce, do you prefer leafpad?

I haven't tried mousepad, but I have read the blurb. It says it is the
same as leafpad but that printing works. So I just printed a file using
leafpad. I will have to try installing it to see if I can see any
differences. As of now my thought is either one is fine.

> and i'll look into orage and the differences as well.
Yeah, it may have been bypassed because it has an appointment book. But a
calendar is nice.

>> Parole is useless as installed, it complains it does not have the
>> plugins
>> even for a simple mp4/mp3 avi file. I thought it might be that we had
>> not
>> included * libasound2-plugins but when I ran synaptic to install it that
>> package was already installed so that is not it. However, if I install
>> xine-ui instead it seems to work fine with the libs we have already
>> installed. Maybe it should replace parole.
> previous cycles we included audacious for an audio player and totem (i
> believe) for video

I found out what makes parole work... the package has some "suggests" that
when loaded make it work. However, the video I ran on it (a videoized
slide show) showed wrong dimensions... everything was fat. Xine ran the
same video correctly. Totem is probably fine if people like that better. I
think it uses the same libs as xine.. maybe even the xine libs too. I have
nothing against one viewer or the other... so long as they work.

>> bridge besides the "seq" setting in qjackctl would be nice... something
>> that migrates the device name with it to jack.
> interesting, we will have to look at jack-keyboard and see if it plays
> nicely with the other apps ubuntu studio ships

After I found a2j (which we already include... its cli which makes it hard
for people to find) I am thinking the virtual keyboard works fine... and
we know it works with everything. The real solution it seems it to make
a2jmidid start when jackd starts. Or make up an a2j.desktop file to add it
to the main menu. I can make one of those if you like. It would just go in

The one problem that started all this... I have still not found a fix for
the net monitoring applet. This is only useful on a laptop/netbook where
one is changing network hookups all the time. It shows up in the indicator
part of the panel as a pie shaped icon that shows wireless strength. A
left click brings up a menu that shows available wireless APs and allows
setting up a connection with one. It also allows reconnecting with the AP
we are already connected to. (or we think we are but can't ping anything)

Anyway, I tried xfce-wavelan-plugin... shows signal strength, but offers
no way of reconnecting. netapplet needs gnome-network-admin and sort of
does some of this stuff... but not as nice. It does not show available
SSIDs like oneric Xubuntu does. I think this is another one of those
things where we have some parts but not the whole or not the settings. I
will try dropping Xubuntu-desktop over top of our install first to see if
that fixes it. If so I will try removing stuff till it goes away.

Thats my list for now. I need to set up a recording session and see what I
use. I'm not much of a keyboard person so a midi sequencer test would be
less than complete... I would use hydrogen for the drum track if anything.

Len Ovens

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