ALSA/Jack midi bridging.

Len Ovens len at
Sun Dec 4 23:28:46 UTC 2011

Having made some comments about Jack and alsa midi use I looked for
something to bridge this gap and found it... in a2jmidid. So I thought I
would install it and found it is already there in UStudio. Only problem is
that I have to open a terminal to start it. Not a huge problem once I know
about it, but most newbies don't and besides, it should really be started
at the same time as jackd (maybe a short time after). qjackctl allows
pointing the start up at any file, perhaps a shell script that starts
jackd, waits a second then starts a2j. Maybe that is to complex or too
likely to fail so make a desktop menu item to start it instead. At least
that way people will find it.

The better thing of coarse, would be a jackd that did this as part of
itself. Maybe jackd 3?

Len Ovens

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