Broken or useless package

Len Ovens len at
Sat Dec 3 22:38:54 UTC 2011

Gigolo as it is in US 12.04 is basically useless. it adds nothing to what
Thulnar can already do. US desktop seed has:

 * (gvfs-fuse)		    # let non-GNOME apps see GVFS via fuse
 * launchpad-integration    # Needed to show the launchpad menu items

Xubuntu desktop has:

 * (gvfs-fuse)			# let non-GNOME apps see GVFS via fuse
 * (gvfs-backends)      # otherwise no network tab

Funny thing... when I install gvfs-backends, Gigolo works all the way.
Thulnar can now access sftp://othersystem/ making file transfers for back
up really easy (just drag and drop) I would think this would be a normal
part of any multimedia set up where a file may represent rather a large
number of hours to complete. Please put gvfs-backends back in to desktop.

While we are at it...  * (leafpad) gives at least some text editing/viewing.
 * (orage) gives a much nicer clock applet that includes a pop up calender
for instant "so that would be next thursday then?" kinds of things. The
current clock applet could be removed.

Word proc and spread sheet have been removed on purpose so I won't even go
there or any other bigger apps. and games.

Parole is useless as installed, it complains it does not have the plugins
even for a simple mp4/mp3 avi file. I thought it might be that we had not
included * libasound2-plugins but when I ran synaptic to install it that
package was already installed so that is not it. However, if I install
xine-ui instead it seems to work fine with the libs we have already
installed. Maybe it should replace parole.

Shotwell works much nicer than what xubuntu has for viewing a directory
full of photos.

foo yc20 and AT1 are perhaps in the wrong menu space instead of
main->multimedia they should be in main->multimedia->Audio production I
would think.

Another thing is that there are a number of mixers/controlers for various
sound cards. they are confusing even when you know they are there. It
would be nice if there was a menu folder called "sound card specific" or
something like that. It would make the audio production menu easier to

Fooyc20 does not work with the virtual midi keyboard because the keyboard
is ALSA and the Fooyc20 expects to get midi from jack. There is a jack
based virtual keyboard (jack-keyboard) that could be included. This is one
of those areas where there will be trouble for at least a bit. Ardour2
uses alsa for midi as do most midi things... but newer apps are starting
to go to jack based midi. Ardour3 and Fooyc20 are two of them. A jack/asla
bridge besides the "seq" setting in qjackctl would be nice... something
that migrates the device name with it to jack.

Anyway, enough comments for today. (maybe)

Len Ovens

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