Ubuntu ISO Testing team: New build > notification-why encryption support is needed

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Dec 1 05:37:16 UTC 2011

On Wed, November 30, 2011 11:35 am, Luke Kuhn wrote:
> That's ugly, and means where security is a concern people having to
> install from Flash drives may have to dd the drive full of random numbers
> and remake the installer from the .iso image after installation.

I'm not sure what happened. I did a third install (on the same machine)
from the same usb stick and was asked the normal questions. I will try to
make it happen again.


First install with all metas. Install failed because of av lib conflicts.

Second install less keyboard setup questions... maybe the disk is checked
and the fact that it was after a failed install meant it kept some of the
data. Install did not include audio-common and so was successful.

Third install got all the normal questions (no data remembered from
before). Selected both encrypted partition and encrypted home directory.
Did not include audio-common as i wanted what I knew worked. I was not
testing audio install but encrypted. Install was ok. On boot I was asked
for passkey. On home directory read with file manager I was asked for
passkey. On shutdown swap was wiped. Tried mounting drive from normal
boot. I can see two partitions, the first (1/4gig) had the boot stuff in
it (grub, kernel and initrd) The rest must have had the file system and
the swap in it. I was unable to access it. When I tried it asked for the
passkey but had an error because my normal drive doesn't have the software
to deal with it (I wold guess... thats what the err msg seemed to

I don't see that there is any problem installing encrypted version for
testing. The nice thing about unencrypted is that I can read and quote
from the log file easily if there are failures. I did not use a strong
passkey as I just wanted to see if it worked... I wanted something I could
remember (equals less secure).

My machine speed was not noticeably affected... the desk seemed to run
about the same speed. I didn't have any audio stuff in there and this
machine doesn't have great audio anyway. So I didn't test tracking lots of
tracks. The install was not much longer either just the extra few steps
setting up partitions. Not near as bad as waiting for the net connected
apt configuration.

Len Ovens

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