Design concepts for Ubuntu Studio 11.10

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Sun Apr 24 16:53:30 UTC 2011

I don't remember if posted this or not, so here's my dock idea:

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 10:00 AM, C K <coryisatm at> wrote:

> So in tinkering a bit this weekend it looks as though AWN brings ALOT
> of depends. I'll look into what is actually needed. (ie if i can just
> pull actual depends and not recommends and file any depends that
> actually aren't needed) Also, there's no currently
> functioning/packaged network manager applet.

Cory, if you look in the screen shot above you will see and icon third from
the left, it should be "indicator applet" or similar.  This has a function
network applet with it.  Additionally the "indicator applet" has a check box
that will break all the three small icons into three separate icons.  I
liked the three smaller ones in one launcher myself.

As far as the dependencies; I think docky and cairo has something like six
or eight dependencies each while AWN had something like twenty-something.
So I agree (and I thought I posted this somewhere already, maybe only in
IRC) AWN seems really, really heavy.

> Docky doesn't accomplish as much of the "panel replacement" requirements as
> AWN.

Perhaps we could talk to the docky developers and see if they accommodate
these requirements?

> So, going forward in the coming weeks I will simply try to copy our
> GNOME UI using XFCE.
> This will get me more familiar with how XFCE packaging settings work.
> We will still look toward a new custom UI.
> I intend on calling for artwork and reaching out toward the
> Xubuntu-devs in the next week or so.
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> -Cory K.
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