Short version: Possible UI cairo-dock/Unity/compiz

Luke Kuhn lukekuhn at
Fri Apr 22 03:24:08 UTC 2011

If Ubuntustudio goes to XFCE, it should be no harder to install GNOME3, Unity, and cairo-dock in 11.10 or 12.04 than it was to install XFCE in ubuntustudio-hardy, as I in fact did for a slow 500MHZ web-and-audio editing machine.
 By 11.10, certainly by 12.04,  they should all be in the Ubuntu repos and not in PPA.  If nobody else mantains the Ubuntustudio theme for GNOME 2 and for GNOME 3, I will locally keep it working myself, porting over any changes from the XFCE (or whatever) version that suit my fancy and hopefully finding a place to publish the result.  I've yet to build debs, though at various time I've had to compile things like audacity or even kdenlive from source. Most of my own code is shell, modded images, plymouth script code, modded schemas, that sort of thing. I've edited C source when Audacity had that compressor bug a few years back and I had to set my compressor settings as the default.
Wayland could get interesting, could be some fancy session management if Unity uses it, GNOME shell does not, XFCE does not, and you want to toggle between them. Again, I will keep the whole works installed and make it work somehow. 
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