US website theme RFC & request for screenshots

Benjamin Turner b.g.turner at
Thu Apr 14 19:14:23 UTC 2011

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Jorge -
I think that this theme is coming along wonderfully.  There are a few 
things that you may still be working on, but I thought I would give my 2 
cents. The main elements of page adhere to a pretty good grid system 
(the green lines in the link below). There are some things that don't 
really follow the grid that you are beginning to establish (red lines).
It seems that perhaps these elements are part of the 'main content' or 
something like that, and that they are structured more like a directory 
tree - great for viewing files - but somewhat breaking from your design 

Overall, I think that your font choices are doing their jobs - I can 
tell that 'UbuntuStudio Live Recording' is the title of the article, and 
that the 'view edit unpublish' are navigational. However the 'Home' from 
the main menu and the 'home' in the content area feels a little 
redundant, or perhaps unclear as to what each instance does. Perhaps if 
you are trying to establish where the user is, you could hi-light the 
'home' in the menu area?

I've uploaded a screenshot with a few annotations to hopefully clarify 
what I mean:

Thanks for all the great work you're doing!
- Benjamin

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