Ubuntu Studio 11.10 UI discussion. GNOME3, Unity, XFCE and Studio users workflow.

ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Tue Apr 12 19:03:20 UTC 2011

The french website about producing music with Linux distribution,
LinuxMao, suggest and explain how to configure Xfce instead of Gnome
for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio. In France, most of multimedia producers
(pro, hobbyists) use Xfce as main desktop. And a lot of specialized
multimedia distributions for live performance and installations use
Xfce, like Puredyne. It's light and work great in production, even for
long sessions and/or with important loads.

As I always said about UI design for Ubuntu Studio (I used to be one
of the first contributors), the main focus should be on a simple,
light and efficient desktop, in order to not spend to much time on
that point.Then, the most important should be to focus on applications
choice and packaging, and the possibility to use it to produce without
tweaking (simple and fast instal). But I know that for a lot of people
it is quite important to propose a beautiful desktop. Xfce allow both,
without yoo much effects, imho.

So, it seems like averybody on the mailing is ok for the switch to
Xfce, let's stop chatting and let's start to work on that point, to
get ready as soon as possible.

For the dock, why not simply use the simple and very good "Docky"?? It
has all we need and is one of the most easy for a day to day use.
Chatting with Docky team would be great to know if they could add some
docklets like "Menu", a better network manager, etc...

I would finish this answer with a question : for the beta, Ubuntu
proposed a live dvd for testing and install. Why don't we provide that
?? If necessary, I can post the question on an other email.


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