Ubuntu Studio 11.10 UI discussion. GNOME3, Unity, XFCE and Studio users workflow.

ailo ailo.at at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 17:26:45 UTC 2011

Firs I'll consider Gnome3 and Unity, and adress some issues on those.

*Graphic Hardware Acceleration*

The way I see it, Lucid is the LTS and is the platform that should be
recommended for long time use.
So, whatever is used for Oneiric does not need to be reaching backwards
for hardware compatibility in my opinion. I don't think we should
consider the need for hardware acceleration an issue for Oneiric. In
other words, I do not believe we should keep that as an argument if
considering Gnome3 and Unity.
Instead, what we do for Oneiric, I believe should be looking forward as
the platform to be used for Ubuntu 12.04.
Also, we have options on both that will not require hardware
acceleration, at least for Oneiric, I believe.


I don't how to adress this issue. Both Unity and Gnome3 will of course
try to be as stable as they can. Can we foresee problems?
Unity will move to Wayland. It is under heavy development. Is that an
argument against it?
Gnome3 is young. Did they manage to release a very stable system right
off the bat?
To test Gnome3 with Ubuntu ScottL tipped us about this one:


There are certain things about Natty and Gnome3 I am wondering about,
functionality-wise, but on the whole, I do feel both are an improvement
to older UI's. And, I don't think they are that radically different from
* Searching and starting applications is incredibly smooth.
* Resizing windows is easier done than on Gnome2 and XFCE.
* Changing between windows on Unity specifically, I do feel is not the
most optimal (I need to try Gnome3 features to have an opinion on that).
The Unity panel needs some work in my opinion.
I have never thought changing between windows was easily done, on any
system. It's usually always easier when less windows are open.


*AWN Dock, and alternatives*

I know there are some ideas about making a specialized dock for Ubuntu
Studio, which would serve more than just as a dock. I don't feel there
would be anything conflicting with developing such an idea, so why not
decide on that it should be developed until whatever deadline we have,
and decide whether to include it by the time it is time to do so?
We can always choose not to use it later on.
One question: will AWN be usable on Gnome3 and Unity?


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