Ubuntu Studio 11.10 UI discussion. GNOME3, Unity, XFCE and Studio users workflow.

C K coryisatm at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 21:18:13 UTC 2011

Hello folks. For folks who don't know me I'm Cory Kontros.
(launchpad.net/~coryisatm) Former lead on Ubuntu Studio.

I took a needed break for a bit but have now volunteered to help
handle Ubuntu Studio's UI layout for the future. (with Scott's

So lets kick things off. Here's how I see things.

There's alot of flux going on in computer UI design. GNOME, Canonical
(w/Unity) and Google (w/Android) all look to be shifting to this
"single app focus" kinda design. Where visually, you don't see much
going on but the currently focused app. KDE and OSX are currently the
most traditional.

I don't see this fitting for Studio users workflows.

So, in looking at our options (considering most of our apps are GTK)
XFCE seems like the best move. I know there are other WM options to
consider but they all feel weaker in comparison to the XFCE option.

Xubuntu has done some great work lately. Without seeing it I proposed
to Scott some options that can very close to what they currently do.
Xubuntu does: 1 panel across the top and AWN as a launcher on the
bottom. (http://imagebin.org/146291) I propose simply using Avant
Window Navigator.
(http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/6728/screenshotoof.png) It
currently can handle 90% of what a panel can do. But that 10% is
important. Namely the absence of a network manager app. I've seen some
in the past but nothing current.

A bit radical but its something I hope to prove works nicely with testing.

Now please feel free to discuss whatever. This is by no means a done
deal but it is currently the direction agreed upon at the last -dev

-Cory K.

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