Ubuntustudio Natty GlobalJam tests

Ronan Jouchet ronan at jouchet.fr
Sat Apr 9 03:37:03 UTC 2011

Hi Alessio, Scott, everybody,

On 11-04-05 02:56 PM, Alessio Igor Bogani wrote:
> 2011/4/3 Ronan Jouchet <ronan at jouchet.fr>:
>> 4. Installing abogani's lowlatency failed because of missing headers
:-/ ;
>> here is what I have:
>>     sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency linux-headers-lowlatency
>> linux-headers-2.6.38-8-lowlatency
>>     The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>>     linux-headers-2.6.38-8-lowlatency : Depends:
linux-headers-2.6.38-8 but
>> it is not installable
>>   Alessio, could you update your ppa?
> Could you install linux-headers-2.6.38-8 manualy and report result,
I wasn't able to install these version of the headers, it seems they are
no longer in the repos. Am I wrong? Could somebody help me?

On 11-04-05 01:30 PM, Scott Lavender wrote:
> 1. I question that stable, consistent installation from USB is currently
> possible.  I have heard that some have accomplished it, but I really am
> not certain it can be done consistently.  Holstein has done some looking
> into this as well.  Perhaps he more information.
The behaviors Holstein, ailo and I face are quite inconsistent...
Holstein for example reports never having been able to dump Studio to
USB, while I did it lots of times during Lucid, Maverick, and Natty
development, and it's just very recently that I faced this issue.
He mentioned https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+bug/697774 ; I'll
try again with usb-creator-gtk, the alternate method and will file a bug
if necessary

> 3. I'm not sure I understand what you are stating.  Are you saying the
> -generic performed as expected?  And that is acceptable?
Sorry for the lack of precision. I meant -generic performed very well,
as well as -lowlatency. I only did quick tests, but just like earlier
during development (as detailed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime ) I
was able to reach a stable 4ms, neither better nor worse that with

> 5. We are looking into UI considerations for Ocelot.

> Again, thank you for your email and comments :)
And thanks for your involvement :)


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