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> Howdy,
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 7:11 AM, Mike Holstein <mikeh789 at> wrote:
> > ALL ARE WELCOME to attend the meeting this sunday, april 3rd, @ 10am,
> easter
> > standard time. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you have trouble finding out what
> time
> > this is in your local time zone... eastern standard time is US/new york..
> > for example:
> > 10:00:00 a.m. Sunday March 6, 2011 in America/New_York converts to
> I will try to participate. Although being Sunday @ 7:00AM here in
> California, I cannot guarantee. :)
> If possible, I would like to discuss the new website (mainly trying to
> get better insight of what the goals are).
> Cheers!
> Jorge
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Hi Jorge,

I would like to address your comment about the new website before the
meeting in hopes that the meeting will become more fruitful.

My view is that the website would mainly target people who are completely
ignorant about Ubuntu Studio and users with little or moderate experience
with Ubuntu Studio, but for (somewhat) differing purposes.  This isn't to
imply that other audiences cannot or should not visit the website, just that
the intended majority purpose of the website is not tailored to them.

For those who have only heard about this "Ubuntu Studio thing" we would
provide the following:
 * Introductory Videos
 * Feature Walkthough
 * FAQ
 * Download Links
 * Support Descriptions and Links (IRC, forums, mailing lists,*)

The purpose of addressing this audience is to entice people learning about
Ubuntu Studio to convert to new users.

Those with little or moderate experience I think we provide:
 * Workflows*
 * Tutorials*
 * Tutorial Videos
 * Download Links
 * Support Descriptions and Links (IRC< forums, mailing lists,*)
 * News/updates (with RSS feed)

The purpose of addressing this audience is to help new users develop
competency and keep them informed.

To summarize, I think the following baseline pages are needed for the
website update:
 * home page
 * news/updates (with RSS feed)
 * introductory videos page
 * feature walkthrough pages
 * FAQ
 * download page
 * support page
 * workflows*
 * tutorials*
 * tutorial videos

After the website is updated we may consider further potential improvements
such as including user made content (audio, video, graphic), screenshots, a
user "suggestion box" (because they tend to avoid mailing lists I believe),
and a "help the developers" page.  But if we made it through what I consider
"base line" (i.e. the ones enumerated above) then I believe the website
would be very functional.

This next point is for a larger discussion, perhaps the meeting would be a
good place.  You may have noticed that I appended a few items with the
asterisk (*) above.  I would like to ask people's opinions on where they
would want to make information available to users.  We could keep using the wiki or we could start putting more information on the

I don't have a particularly strong view on either consideration at this
point and would like to hear what others think/feel.  I don't particularly
like the format of the h.u.c wiki and I think that having information in one
location would be beneficial, so I suppose that I am leaning to including as
much documentation on the new website.  However, anyone with a Launchpad
account can update a wiki page at h.u.c and the website would be relatively
closed to most people to edit.  So I admit there are deficiencies to keeping
everything on the website.

Lastly, I wanted to point out the perspective from where my comments are
derived and their import.

I acknowledge that I am project lead and I believe I have been the most
consistently involved with developing this update.  However, this doesn't
mean that my suggestions, comments, and thoughts are either correct or the
best for the update.  I don't develop websites and I am not a student of the
sociology of websites.  If I am wrong or if someone has a better suggestion
that I ask that people speak up :)

My ultimate goal for the website is to have comprehensive and helpful
website that users will use, not stroke my ego.

Please let me know your thoughts and I look forward to the meeting.

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