Putting the cart before the horse. (was: Final Notes on the Ubuntu Studio Website)

Benjamin Turner passionsplaydesign at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 01:08:02 BST 2010

>> * DIY theme *
>> Rather than deny an artistic concept with a blanket statement I would
>> suggest that we value any examples by their merits individually.  I would
>> imagine that some DIY concepts might present themselves as unprofessional,
>> while others would extend themselves as hip or cool (LOL...does that make me
>> old to say that?)
>> If someone has an mock-up then I would love to see it and evaluate it's
>> merits.
I would second not throwing out any concepts right off the bat.  I think
though that perhaps we should redirect where this thread is going.  Before
we get down to eliminating or zeroing in on any 'theme' we should really
take a hard look as to how we want this website to function for the Ubuntu
Studio community.

I'd like to try and summarize some things:

The current site at ubuntustudio.org is a brochure site - it is very simple,
and establishes a sort of creative vibe- all the while smacking you in the
face with DOWNLOAD -- 1 2 3! This is exactly what we (traditionally) want
the visitor to do - try THIS distro.

I took some time to whip up sitemap for the existing site, and also one for
the eventual 'revamped' one, using the elements that we have going on the
wiki.  In addition, I worked a wireframe over a screenshot of the original

What becomes apparent to me while looking over these site maps is that
people are brainstorming for a much more dynamic (and complicated) website,
one that begins to blur the lines between the wiki, the forums, and the
website, perhaps taking on aspects of a social networking site (I'm thinking
specifically about the submissions, polls, and other things that would
require someone to create a profile).

But do we have the energy/time/skill?

I think that many of these things sound cool.  I would ask ourselves if we
(and future users/contributors) will have the energy to create and maintain
one MORE online persona.  Maybe, maybe not.  Perhaps this 'social
connection' role could be filled by other existing sites?  I'm thinking
about the deviantART and Flikr user groups for inkscape.  Are there other
sites out there that could facilitate the creation of Music Creation
Communities?  To put it another way, do we have people here wanting to code
and maintain that sort of community in relation to the Ubuntu Studio

Where are we going?

In the end I feel we should more clearly describe where Ubuntu Studio is
moving, and how we envision using it, and by extension, how we will use the

For me I first came to Ubuntu Studio because it was built on the back of
Ubuntu's Gnome install, but with an eye to a more specialized and
'professional' grade of computer user.  This being said, there are still a
few other applications I install that are not included in the base
installation (Who doesn't?)  I can see the Ubuntu Studio project becoming a
nexus of creative energy.  Taking the best things out there, and making them
work well together, all the while documenting the processes, and making it
easy for new users (both to Linux, AND to art creation)  to create high
quality digital art creations.

Let me know if this resonates with anyone.  Where do others see our goals

-- Benjamin
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