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Let me preface this email by thanking you for your involvement with Ubuntu
Studio.  I've read quite a bit of the mail archives, Ubuntu Forum posts, and
wiki/help documentation I have seen your name often.  I certainly hope you
continue your involvement.

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 12:38 PM, ttoine at <ttoine at>wrote:

> Le 14/09/2010 04:38, Chris Jones a écrit :
> Most users currently install Ubuntu from standard live cd, and then
> install only what they need. I am concerned by audio production and know
> a lot of people using Ubuntu for that, no one use the alternative cd/dvd
> install: it is not user friendly, and install too much stuff. Who need a
> menu full of things he/she will not use ? I am with you, the Ubuntu
> Studio install media is not a priority.
I would be interested in pulling some numbers to determine just how many
people use the vanilla Ubuntu LiveCD and then install their specifically
required apps.  Any ideas or initiative to effect this would be appreciated.

My guess is only those users who have at least a modicum of confidence with
Ubuntu and the audio applications will do this and might be less than some
might expect.  I would imagine that this is limited to persons who have used
Ubuntu Studio throughout several releases.

I agree the current install methodology is unwieldy and the resultant is not

While I do not think we have the developer resources to move away from the
alternative installer at the moment (but I would be happy if someone proved
me wrong) there has been discussions about dividing the audio applications
into finer granularity meta-packages.  Nothing tangible has really been
discussed but a rough delineation might be recording live instruments (i.e.
a band situation) vs. MIDI/synthesis instruments (i.e. tone generation).
This would hopefully align installed applications closer to user work flows.

Alternately, moderating the audio menu is another possible consideration
that has been discussed as well.

I should point out that I personally use the Ubuntu Studio disc simply for
convenience, rather than add many packages by hand, although I concede that
it has sufficient deficiencies as mentioned above.

* snip *

> I agree with on that point: I am not sure that Ubuntu Studio needs to be
> a full distribution. As I have already said, I think Ubuntu Studio
> community would be more useful providing good backports for multimedia
> production, maintain the ubuntu-studio-menu and some other useful
> packages/tools/gui/apps. And have a good and simple website like playdeb
> or getdeb, more documented and in several languages.
> Toine
I have given a lot of thought lately to this topic.  Several people have
strongly suggested the use of PPA's and websites rather than an Ubuntu
Studio disc and the official Ubuntu archives.

Releasing Ubuntu Studio on disc affords us several advantages over other
 * allows us to control what is *not* installed - good example is the use of
gnome-network-admin in lieu of network manager (which was found to degrade
recording performance) or the MeMenu
 * a single Ubuntu Studio disc can be installed on multiple machines
 * allows installation on a studio machine that may not have internet
 * the disc can be downloaded outside the studio - perhaps the studio has
dial up internet connection, but the ISO can be downloaded somewhere else
that has a much faster connection

This is not a holistically inclusive list, but hopefully you can see that
many might see the benefit from the examples listed above.

You also mention backports.  An official Ubuntu Studio PPA for backports has
been discussed as well.  It should be noted that the backports PPA would
also serve as a method to guarantee the quality of a backport (tested by
Ubuntu Studio users and devs) before it went into the official archives to
be released for all Ubuntu users.

Once again, thank you for your efforts Toine.  I hope to hear from you soon.

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