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welcome aboard thanks for the support.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 5:28 PM, Samuel Heroux <samuelheroux at>wrote:

> Hi there, my name is Samuel, im from Quebec.
> i've been using Ubuntu for the last 3 year ad found myself satisfied with
> it. i've been watching over the news on the devel every now and then, trying
> to figure out how all of this works. i'm popping out to say that i would
> gladly volunteer for helping with things about ubuntu studio. heres why:
> i'm a student into Sound class around doing show and recording audio and
> whats around it. i was not bad since a young age and like it still. the
> point is i would like to help around with the Ubuntu Studio project. i'm not
> a developper or anything, but id consider myself power user, so i'm not
> afraid of betatesting on my PC
> i heard you were looking for help, so i would put some heart into Ubuntu =)
> so yeah i might not need some explanation about how its structured and how
> the devel goes, but i aint afraid of reading (i spent a lot of time reading
> about technicalities on analog/digital audio, studio, computers, and
> whatever i can find =P )
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> --- The Pooky =)
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