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Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Fri Sep 3 01:17:25 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 14:39 +0200, Marc R.J. Brevoort wrote:

> Even if you don't do art but design, surely you have something
> (anything at all?) to show for it. It's called a portfolio
> or CV, whichever you prefer. It is where you tell about and/or
> show stuff you did so that people know what you're capable of,
> or at least so that they know what your added value is.
> When you are asked for examples of previous work, you can start
> quarreling and implying that people are ignorant before you've
> even started on the job. But I imagine the people you're arguing
> with aren't going to be overly thrilled about the prospect of
> working with you.
> If, on top of that, they have no idea what quality of work
> they'll be able to expect from you, don't be surprised if they
> don't want you for this job.
> Best,
> Marc

Once again Marc, I'm not going to flog a dead horse with the same

I'm well aware of what a portfolio is, seeing as I work with
Professional Photographers every day.

But one thing I have left out that probably should have been mentioned
is the fact that I do not have a portfolio because my web work is only a
very small part of the work that I do.
I don't go pursuing web and graphic work like a I do for my photo work. 
To put it into perspective, my work-load looks a little something like
this ~80%=photo editing ~10%=graphic design and ~10%=web design. So
obviously using the aforementioned figures as a guide of how much of my
work-load involves web design work, you can see it's only a very small
percentage. Hence, ABSOLUTELY no requirement for me to have anything
remotely that resembles a portfolio.
My web work finds me, I don't go out looking for it!
And when I do have a job, when I've completed it,  I don't hoard/archive
any unnecessary work files on my hard drive for no benefit.
And as I've said, none of my previous work is active and/or online at
this point in time, hence me no longer having the files around to show
What exactly do people expect to see if I don't have anything to show
them? Actually, don't answer that question...

Anyway, that's where it's all at folks.

When I put my hand up for the task of being a member of the Ubuntu
Studio Website Redevelopment Team (if there even is one <confused>),
naturally I thought my help would be appreciated.
But I had no idea that the attitudes of some people would be a life or
death situation.

Regardless of my previous experience and work, if my current
redevelopment proposals are not liked, some constructive criticism would
have been more appreciated than a darn good flaming that I've copped.

I don't ask for your pity, I don't want it. I'm simply putting all my
cards on the table and saying it how I see it.

You're probably not aware, but I am also the Co-Maintainer of the Fedora
Design Suite Spin.
When I took on that role, I was welcomed with open arms, even with them
knowing I had no previous experience for such a role. And to be honest,
I was a little scared taking on the role. But I took comfort in the fact
that I had the help of two other Owners/(Co)-Maintainers.

My point; I was welcomed and given a chance regardless of my experience
and previous work. And you know what? My work on the Fedora Design Suite
Spin is appreciated among my fellow developers as I've been told several
times already.
I have got the ball rolling on several different things now which would
not have happened until I came along.

But going back on-topic, I'm still willing to consult and comment and
help where needed if I'm still wanted.

As a previous user of the Ubuntu Studio (now use vanilla Ubuntu with
pretty much the same graphic applications installed), I felt that I
should help out where I can because I truly believe that Ubuntu Studio
has greater potential than it's current state.
And what's better than jumping on the train myself and help out with
those very changes to help things, erm... change... and move along.


Chris Jones <chrisjones at comcen.com.au>

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