Beta in risk - a related story

Marc R.J. Brevoort mrjb at
Thu Sep 2 13:23:47 BST 2010

On Thu, 2 Sep 2010, Ara Pulido wrote:

> Right now, and for Beta, the Ubuntu Studio ISOs haven't been tested:
> I am afraid that, if they remain untested, the Release Team might decide
> to NOT release Ubuntu Studio Maverick Beta.

Related story-

The 8.04->10.04 LTS upgrade I ran last weekend rendered
my soundcard silent, video non-accelerated (and black-
screening), and a few apt-gets even rendered my system

Fortunately I had backups of most of my stuff, a live CD
still allows access to the drive and a second drive should
be arriving soon, so that I can run a fresh install and
restore things as needed.

I had read 8.04->10.04 was supposed to be a smooth upgrade.
But I guess not everything can be tested. Apparently, I
wasn't the only one with this problem either.

Now I'm a long-time linux user; I've been running linux-only
for about a decade now. As such I'll just chalk it up as
another learning experience ("Never, ever upgrade your system
with the upgrade functionality!") but a week of downtime
certainly is sub-optimal and I suppose would drive away
most "normal" from Linux in an instant.

Just a story to consider regarding the importance of
testing. Anyway, I'd rather the distro be late than untested.

That said, with the apparent unrest on the list as of
late, should I stick with ubustu for my composing or
just go for plain vanilla lucid?


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