(re)Developing the Ubuntu Studio Site

Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Thu Sep 2 06:53:32 BST 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 18:49 -0500, Scott Lavender wrote:

> Chris,
> Let's be honest, the request is straightforward and you could easily
> squash any uncertainty by posting links to examples or portfolios
> instead of posturing.
> What you have shown so far hasn't necessarily filled me with
> confidence, artistic or otherwise.  At this point I would repeat
> Cory's request for some examples.
> Our goal would be improve on our current website, which is actually
> pretty nice (although it needs some touching up).  I'm not sure at
> this point if you can provide that.
> If you are not going to provide examples then I would suggest that our
> working relationship is at an end.
> Regards,
> ScottL

Both Cory and yourself (and others) seemed to have missed the part where
I actually gave a legitimate response to the request. If you all missed
it, that's too bad. If you're still interested in my response, go back
and read my emails again. All the information is readily available


Chris Jones <chrisjones at comcen.com.au>

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