Tasks, Workflows, and Packages for Ubuntu Studio Natty

Scott Lavender scottalavender at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 23:36:24 GMT 2010

@Brian David

> On the other hand, I would like to see Sound Converter and GCD Master
> added.  I'll write up a work flow that shows how these incorporate into
> common tasks and add it to the wiki when I next get the time.

GCDMaster is included under the "Master a Song" task.

I hadn't considered Sound Converter, but it is a good suggestion.  I look
forward to seeing a viable workflow for this :)

@David Henningsson

> We should keep audacity. You might be able to use ardour for mastering
> as well, but IIRC ardour is trickier to set up (jack etc) whereas
> audacity can run on anything. And, as pointed out by another user, it
> seems to be needed in a workflow already.

I may have a differing view on this.

What purpose will Audacity serve?

If one is using Audacity to record music without JACK, then perhaps
downloading 1.7 gigs and installing Ubuntu Studio is overkill and not our
target audience.  I would suggest this audience is better served by using
vanilla Ubuntu and installing Audacity manually.

By contrast, I would expect the typical Ubuntu Studio user to use JACK and
Ardour for audio.  This is just my opinion mind you.

I had actually put Audacity in the workflows, but under the Graphics
section, which would be installed when the user selects the "[ ] Graphics"
box during installation.  This would be used to make simple edits to audio
to be used with creating videos.

But if you have a desired place for Audacity in the audio toolchain, please
add it to the wiki :)

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