Ubuntu switching to Unity Desktop

Antoine Thomas ttoine at ttoine.net
Thu Oct 28 08:17:05 BST 2010

2010/10/28 Brian David <beejunk at gmail.com>
> Spent some time messing around with Unity today and. . .I kind of like it,
> to be honest.  Give it a few more months of tweaking and I'd be completely
> okay with using it.
> I agree, we need to let more time to developers and see Unity with more
features. Think too that Mac Os X Lion is dropping a lot of stuff to get
closer to iPad iOS4 too. Will users be disappointed so much ? I don't think,
they only need something simple to use and that works a stable way.

> I am concerned about the 3d graphics requirement.  I know a lot of people
> use Ubuntu (and Linux in general) to run older machines, so that could be an
> issue.
> That is more a problem for older laptops, but think that Unity is first
designed for small netbooks and tablets with poor performances. In any
desktop or workstation, any 20 to 30 €/$ graphic card is a good solution, it
is not too expensive. Do you really think that Unity may need more graphic
power than current desktop effects using Compiz Fusion ? I think that it
will be lighter than a standard Gnome.

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