Design & Aesthetics in Ubuntu Studio

Louie Queral louiethecuban at
Sat Oct 16 21:19:09 BST 2010

Before joining Ubuntu Studio's mailing list, I was really interested in two
things: 1) Ubuntu Studio's web presence/strategy and 2) The GUI/theme/colors
of the OS itself. I want to take this opportunity to use this thread as a
place to discuss and organize that design-oriented direction of Ubuntu
Studio for the next release.

The way Ubuntu Studio looks and feels is going to be the deal breaker for
98% of the people that use it. If we release something that's nothing short
of visually stunning and well thought out, there will be no doubt our next
release will be met with much approval in the linux community (as well as
the much larger art/music community).

So here are some topics I think we should cover:

*Installer*- Let's get a graphical installer in the next release. Ubuntu has
one, so there is no reason that Ubuntu Studio shouldn't. It will make things
much easier for the inexperienced Linux user.

*Default Theme- *I'm not sure if we are going to use Ubuntu's latest theme
(it's quite pretty if you ask me), or not. I personally hated US's old theme
and I'm sure we can come up with something much cleaner for gnome.

*Default Wallpaper*- There was an email about this, and I really liked that
wallpaper. Any other suggestions?

If there are any other things, please feel free to add it.

Let's make this next release the best one ever!

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