Closed video drivers for -realtime kernels

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at
Mon Oct 11 07:35:03 BST 2010

Hi Tim,

2010/10/10 Tim Cook <timothywayne.cook at>:
> I am a little confused.  Two days ago you sent an email with a subject
> line of:  Maverick -lowlatency and -realtime kernel dropped

Exactly I'll remove those in few hours. In fact in that email I said
that I have removed these kernel in two days. So today :-)

> I am sure that this is just a matter of cross-language mixups.  But to
> be sure that I understand you based on these two emails.  Will you
> please reply with a Y for yes and an N for no (just delete the incorrect
> character); if the following kernels/distributions are correct and your
> plans are that they will continue to be maintained?

Sorry I can't because I'm planning nothing: I just works on things
which have some "active" users. In other words if a specific kernel
(-generic, -preempt, -lowlatency, -rt, -realtime) have some active
users who use it so I'll work on it otherwise I'll drop any type of
support for it (in official repo or in my PPA).


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