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> To give you that context - from what I've heard, Red Hat has customers
> in the stock business where milliseconds could be the difference between
> being the one being able to buy the stock being up for sale, or losing
> the transaction. That's why the PREEMPT_RT patches were originally created.
> I know nothing about whether Canonical has customers in that sector or not.

Be careful, normal servers need neither the same timer settings as a desktop
(i.e. they can respond slower) nor do they need determine times for
processes as in audio.

I'm not sure the context you are referring has to do with "servers" needing
the -rt patch.  Perhaps it does, but if so it is about the stock market and
not serving web pages.

In either context, it is probably irrelevant to our discussions.

> Okay, I understand, and I'm glad that Luke replied that he wanted to
> help out, at least with the lowlatency version.
> I think we need people's opinion on whether lowlatency is good enough,
> or if we really need -rt and/or -realtime. (Which requires more
> maintainer work.)
Just to make sure people understand, the -rt kernel will not be maintained
in the official repositories and therefore cannot be included in the ISO

To put it simply: the -rt kernel will not be part of a default installation
of Ubuntu Studio.

This does not mean that it cannot be added after you have installed Ubuntu
Studio.  It just mean that a default installation of Ubuntu Studio will
either have the -generic or (most likely) the -lowlatency kernel installed.
If you require the -rt kernel you will need to add the PPA and install the
-rt kernel manually.

> Thanks for the clarification.
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