Last call (was "Natty and RT Kernel)

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at
Mon Oct 4 18:50:03 BST 2010


2010/10/4 Brian David <beejunk at>:
> I would also ask that Alessio or anyone else who knows send links for how to
> learn this stuff.  I'll spend some time today researching, but it would make
> things a little easier if people who know could just point us in the right
> direction.

It is really hard pinpoint on something useful if you don't explain me
what do you would want learn.
Kernel programming? Test on latency and jitter corner case? Tips &
Tricks? What is the final objective do you want achieve?
Without that specification I couldn't suggest something.

> Since you asked about bugs in the -realtime kernel, I would like to say that
> my desktop's ATI card has never worked with the -realtime kernel.  It's a
> somewhat older card (Radeon 5000 series) that is not supported by the open
> drivers, and so I need to use fglrx.

I'll take care only of the bugs reported by active people(*) . Do you
want one of these? :)


Sorry but it seems to me the only way to guarantee future on this
project (aka realtime kernel on Studio).

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