Tasks, Workflows, and Packages for Ubuntu Studio Natty

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Mon Nov 1 14:09:58 GMT 2010

On 2010-10-31 19:36, Scott Lavender wrote:
> @David Henningsson
>     We should keep audacity. You might be able to use ardour for mastering
>     as well, but IIRC ardour is trickier to set up (jack etc) whereas
>     audacity can run on anything. And, as pointed out by another user, it
>     seems to be needed in a workflow already.
> I may have a differing view on this.
> What purpose will Audacity serve?
> If one is using Audacity to record music without JACK, then perhaps 
> downloading 1.7 gigs and installing Ubuntu Studio is overkill and not 
> our target audience.  I would suggest this audience is better served 
> by using vanilla Ubuntu and installing Audacity manually.
> By contrast, I would expect the typical Ubuntu Studio user to use JACK 
> and Ardour for audio.  This is just my opinion mind you.
> I had actually put Audacity in the workflows, but under the Graphics 
> section, which would be installed when the user selects the "[ ] 
> Graphics" box during installation.  This would be used to make simple 
> edits to audio to be used with creating videos.
> But if you have a desired place for Audacity in the audio toolchain, 
> please add it to the wiki :)
> ScottL
Okay, I have added Audacity to the list of workflows. However, if you 
feel like that workflow is not a typical "ubuntu studio user" workflow, 
feel free to remove it. I admit to not having followed the "who are we 
targetting" discussion closely.

// David

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