Next steps after inclusion of jack in main

Fritz Meissner meissner.fritz at
Sun Mar 21 19:07:40 GMT 2010

On 10 March 2010 23:43, Fritz Meissner <meissner.fritz at> wrote:

> I'll be interested to hear what you find. Based on the Main Inclusion
> Report for Jack which you authored, I am expecting Lucid Studio to
> have the following functional out of the box :
> - xine, alsa-plugins, portaudio, pulseaudio compiled with jack support
> so that most applications would still be able to use the audio
> hardware while jack is running (e.g. being able to use Skype without
> first shutting down jack), and not having to suspend PulseAudio to use
> jack.
> - general applications should have transparent access to  firewire
> devices via pulseaudio/jack/ffado for audio input and output.
> I realise that for serious audio work one would dedicate the
> workstation to audio and deliberately shut down everything not needed,
> so the above would not really be relevant, but I think that many
> people (like me) just want to have a reasonable audio capability
> without dabbling in arcana, and without making the machine useless for
> anything else.

I've been trying out the 2010-03-17 build; it appears that PA and jack
are still mutually exclusive. When I start jack, PA stops, and
applications such as Totem will not play. When I exit jack, PA is
restarted. So we are not yet seeing the benefits of having jack
included in main - I assume that at this stage of Lucid's development,
this is not likely to change ?


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