Next steps after inclusion of jack in main

Fritz Meissner meissner.fritz at
Sun Mar 7 11:33:27 GMT 2010

I must congratulate all those who worked to get jack into main before
freeze; I think this is a significant step towards being able to make
Studio work out of the box. I'm assuming that there are further steps
required to take advantage of this, which can now take place. I'm
thinking of things like having Pulseaudio compile with jack support,
making sure that jack and PA start in the right order and when
required (if that is an issue) plus all the things that I'm not aware
of which need to happen behind the scenes.

I recently mentioned the progress with jack being included in main on
the Linux Audio User mailing list, and someone from a Fedora
background was pointing out that they have had PA compiled with jack
support for a while now, but it still has problems and that he still
suggested getting rid of PA if one wanted to do audio work. It would
be disappointing if this was still the case, so I think that it's
important that as many people as possible do testing to cover the
widest possible range of audio hardware, setups and applications.

Which, if you will forgive the long preamble, brings me to my question
: if I download the current build of Studio, will it include the
benefits of jack being in main so that I can test PA and a number of
apps on my hardware and give feedback, or is this work still in
progress. If it is still happening, do you have any idea when it will
make sense to start trying it out ?


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