With a heavy heart, formal resignation.

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 09:48:31 GMT 2010

Hello guys.

In recent months, my life has been up and down. Mostly due to monetary 
issues and how that tends to complicate other things. Well, as of 
December 23rd, I am once again without a job through no fault of my own.

I am facing so many things and no matter how I try it's become too much 
to handle along with my various computer-related commitments. So I must 
make the totally crappy decision and resign from everything 
Ubuntu-related for the foreseeable future. Effective immediately. I will 
be unsubscribing from all lists and will not hang in IRC but will stay 
on the LP team for now. (i dont want anyone to go through any trouble if 
I need BZR access to upload anything you guys might need)

As I am unemployed I will be available to hand over anything I need to 
but I think everything is moved to the teams control anyway. I am once 
again looking at going out of state for work. The thought of which is 
completely heart-wrenching.

I have LOVED my time on this project more than I can express in a manly 
way. :) This isn't goodbye forever but it is goodbye for now. So don't 
forget about me. ;)

Please feel free to contact me personally. I want to stay in contact.

Sincerely, respectfully, grammatically (hehe),

                                                               -Cory Kontros

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