RT_GROUP_SCHED kernel option makes JACK unusable in Ubuntu Natty

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 14 19:06:06 GMT 2010


2010/12/14 Ronan Jouchet <ronan at jouchet.fr>:
> To be certain, somebody should compile and test two Ubuntu kernels
> differing only on RT_GROUP_SCHED. I won't have much time due to end of
> year holidays, maybe somebody else can do / has already done this.

The -lowlatency 2.6.37-8.21~ppa1 kernel have RT_GROUP_SCHED enabled.
Instead the 2.6.37-9.22~ppa1 one's have RT_GROUP_SCHED disabled.

Anyone could test those?


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