module-jackdbus-detect in PulseAudio

Conor Curran conor.curran at
Tue Dec 14 09:36:50 GMT 2010

I use jack PatchBay,

Which allows to save your connections and reload them at any time. 
Lash/Ladish provide a more complete solution whereby ontop of restoring 
connections they try to restore each application to its previous state. 
This can be useful when you have many different Jack apps running for 
the one session (which is often the case).

I know the guys at Stanford did something a few years ago called jmess 
which also allows you to store connections but I would recommend the 
link above, lovely UI and very usable. In fact all their plugins are 
worth using, quality dsp.


On 13/12/10 10:36, David Henningsson wrote:
> module-jackdbus-detect doesn't currently remember it, but I agree it
> would be useful. Perhaps someone else here can answer on how that works,
> if you need lash/ladish or something else, or if qjackctl will do...?

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