Jack/Natty crashes on "Cannot create thread 1 Operation not permitted" error

Ronan Jouchet ronan at jouchet.fr
Sun Dec 12 22:10:40 GMT 2010


I can't run Jack under Natty, it refuses to start and raises a "Cannot 
create thread 1 Operation not permitted" error. Full log at 
Help welcome... maybe I just forgot something stupid, maybe this is a 
real issue.

More info:
   Realtime setup done at installed time
   Realtime setup confirmed via the Ubustu Controls app (user in audio 
group, memlock, rtprio)
   Kernels tested: generic, lowlatency
   Tested under normal user account and with sudo
   Gear: Edirol FA-66 through a TI PCMCIA card that used to work 
flawlessly under Lucid and Maverick.
   Natty 20101212 x86

Thanks for your help,


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