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I have some ideas regarding the aesthetics of the site. However I am a graphic designer not a programmer so I wouldn't be able to build it well, but I could try. Ill send in some ideas tonight
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> Ah I had no idea. If we have hosting might as well use it. Who do we have
> in mind to develop the site?
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No one has volunteered to develop the site in Drupal and followed through at
this point.  We did have one person who began work in Word Press before we
found out it was verboten.

But I would hazard that anyone qualified with some semblance of competence
and an idea would be a good beginning.

I don't think we have too many restrictions on the site itself.  As
mentioned, Drupal should be used.  Also, I don't think anyone on the team
has a vision for the web site at this point, so probably a willingness to
work up an example and submit it for review would be a good quality as well.


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