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Tue Aug 24 14:59:16 BST 2010

Le 23/08/2010 00:11, Joey // Bearded Axe Multimedia a écrit :
> Hi,
> Interested in learning more about your ambition in renovating your 
> website - you're looking for volunteer services or is this a paid gig? 
> I have some experience with Drupal but my strong suit is the artistic 
> side of things. If your Drupal requirements were beyond my expertise, 
> I'd call in my sidekick whom I do a lot of work with.
> At any rate, here is my portfolio if you're curious:
> http://beardedaxe.net/portfolio.php
> If you like what you see, maybe you can give me more information on 
> this. Hoping to hear from you,
> -- 
> Joseph Stasio
> Bearded Axe Multimedia
> http://beardedaxe.net

Would you offer your experience for free ?? This is a comunautary open 
source project.

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