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Tue Apr 6 20:23:16 BST 2010

Hello all,

I believe a significant quantity of Ubuntu Studio users stay with a LTS  
version for stability reasons and I feel strongly about providing  
reasonable backports for the latest LTS version.

Therefore, would it be unreasonable to maintain an "official" Ubuntu Studio  
backport PPA?

This would provide a single additional repository for users to add that  
would provide continual and pervasive updates to applications for those who  
do not wish to leave the stability of the LTS versions. This would be in  
contrast to searching for various PPA's to find the application you want  

I have already made a limited commitment to backport certain core  
applications (eg JACK, Ardour) in my own PPA. If the suggestion for  
an "official" Ubuntu Studio backports PPA is rejected I will continue to  
support the LTS backports in my personal PPA. If the suggestion is accepted  
I would gladly accept responsibility for a similar limited scope of  

I look forward to seeing comments on this idea.

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