Karmic Koala Features?

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:55:01 GMT 2009

Hey Everyone,

Luis has asked me to head up writing the release notes for Karmic, so
I'm trying valiantly to recall all the great new features of Ubuntu
Studio this time around.  Can anyone point out features that are
missing from the below list:
- Official upstream RT kernel release (i.e. it's very stable)
- Font meta package added to the graphics meta
- Xwax and a2jmidid added to the audio meta
- Xjadeo added to the video meta
- Network tools like NetworkManager and Pidgin will be available on
the DVD disc repository but not installed by default
- Firewire stack is now upgraded to 2.0 (should this be mentioned?
what benefit does the end user see?  I'd like to elaborate a bit)
- Newer versions of many applications (Ardour, Gimp, Blender,
Inkscape, Audacity, Kino, Scribus, Denemo, Hugin, etc...)

What's missing?

- Eric Hedekar
Vice President of Vancouver Pro Musica Society
Ubuntu Studio Developer
Web Designer & Audio Artist

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