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Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Tue Oct 27 17:31:59 GMT 2009

Here is the new structure that I developed for the Ubuntu Studio community
documentation in the wiki:

If you have any changes or suggestions please let me know.  I am planning to
begin gathering/creating the documentation by the end of this week.
Therefore, if I do not receive any suggestions/complaints I will replace the
existing Ubuntu Studio page with my development one.

That said, I will be working on the following things first (not in any
particular order):
fresh installation from DVD
upgrade from vanilla ubuntu
configuring jack
ubuntu studio controls
reporting bugs

I felt that this was the most important information for people at this
time.  If you would prefer something else let me know.

Scott Lavender

P.S. Obviously I will be building off of what documentation is already
created (and in some cases simply using it) so some things may progress very
fast and others not so.  Additionally, I may address other documentation
items other than listed above earlier simply because the "work" is already
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