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Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Oct 18 23:09:25 BST 2009

On 10/18/2009 06:00 PM, Scott Lavender wrote:
> I started making progress on the wiki documentation.  I first looked at
> the three pages Eric mentioned on the Oct 12 meeting agenda
> .
> On Friday I updated the applications page on the wiki, there are still a
> few little things to complete.
> To also complete the update of the application lists on the wiki I will
> also be addressing these pages in the near future:
> I'm not fluent in all these apps but I can get update the applications
> listed and in some cases give the page _some_ text.  Others will need to
> update them also.
> During the weekend I also looked at the Installation and GettingStarted
> pages that Eric mentioned.
> Obviously, the installation page need some work but I felt that we
> should probably address installing the current and LTS versions of
> Ubuntu Studio and also upgrading from the current and the LTS version of
> Ubuntu only.  No point in telling people how to install/upgrade Feisty.
> Just my two cents.
> As I read the GettingStarted page I felt like this was a microcosm for
> the entire wiki.  By this I mean it's focus is diffused and lacked
> overall structure.  Yes, the page in a logical order, but the
> information about adding the -rt kernel should probably be on a upgrade
> from Ubuntu page.  Defining JACK and how to set it up should like wise
> be addressed on it's own pertinent and dedicated page.
> What this probably means is that the wiki pages would benefit from some
> restructuring.  Over this weekend I spent time mind mapping the wiki and
> hopefully by next weekend I will have mockups available on the wiki.
> Which leads me to my next question:
> Does anyone object to me making temporary new pages?
> For the time being it would be duplicate information (parsed out from
> existing pages and condensed) with some additional text/structure.  We
> would need to be able to delete some of those pages at a later date and
> I don't know who has rights.
> If I don't get any responses to the a new wiki structure and temporary
> duplicate pages I will take silence as acceptance.

This has been needed for some time and I welcome your effort. Non-silent 
+1 from me. ;)

-Cory K.

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