Scheduling the next monthly meeting time

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Thu Nov 26 23:20:04 GMT 2009

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 10:08:21AM EST, Eric Hedekar wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> So last month we had started to discuss a change to the monthly meeting
> time.  After further discussions on IRC I think Sundays at 7pm (19:00) UTC
> would likely be a good time for most.  Does anyone have a major conflict
> with this?  Luke I realize this is 6am on monday for you, is that too
> early?  We were running this on the second monday of every month, so should
> we continue on the second sunday of every month now?  That would place the
> next meeting on December 13th at 7pm UTC.  Luke are you back from your
> vacation by then?  Please voice your opinions on this.

I'll be back by then, and I am happy to do that time once every 2 weeks.


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