Replace Creox with Rakarrack?

Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Sun Nov 22 21:19:03 GMT 2009

I would like to suggest we replace Creox effects processor with Rakarrack
for Lucid.

Creox [1] does not appear to be updated or maintained as the version
(0.2.2rc2) that is currently in Ubuntu Studio [2] (and Debian [3]) was
released in 2003.

Rakarrack [4], in contrast, released three new versions last year [5] and
even has a developers blog [6] that shows activity for this year.

Although Rakarrack isn't currently in the Ubuntu repositories, Debian shows
packaging for Rakarrack for both Sid and Squeeze [6] so hopefully we can
sync easily enough.

Dave Phillips even reviewed it in one of his Linux Journal articles [7].

The next prudent steps would be to mail the Ubuntu Studio users mail list,
post at Ubuntu Forums and even mail to developer to ask if updates can be
expected.  If no one violently objects to persuing Rakarrack I will take
previously outlined steps.


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