Weekend online IRC availability.

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 1 17:55:00 GMT 2009

I'm sure many of you know how distracting/addicting IRC can be. The
constant stream of info can be so easy to get caught up in. I know I
certainly do.

Since recognizing this a while back I've done nothing. Same on me. :P So
starting next weekend, and every weekend after. I will not be connected
to IRC unless I'm actively working on something. No more just sitting
there idle. Tempting me. :)

This is all in an effort to get more stuff done around the house and
spend time with the fam. :)

Nothing will change with email I will respond to email as I get to it.

-Cory K. (_MMA_ on Freenode)

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