Fwd: Re: Invitation to attend the UbuntuStudio meeting this week, Thursday June 26th at 1am UTC

Luke Yelavich themuso at ubuntu.com
Sun Jun 28 01:14:21 BST 2009

FOrwarding, since he replied to me only.

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Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 20:22:29 +0100
From: flow space <cellstorm3 at operamail.com>
To: Luke Yelavich <themuso at ubuntu.com>
Subject: Re: Invitation to attend the UbuntuStudio meeting this week,
	Thursday June 26th at 1am UTC

> On behalf of the 
> UbuntuStudio development team, I would like to invite you to 
> our meeting to talk about future plans for UbuntuStudio.
oh, what a honour, thanks. Sadly I was quite busy and could not anwser that mail earlier.

> The UbuntuStudio development team is very interested in some of > the ideas you are exploring 
Ok, I am willing to share. The initial purpose of my project was to prove that there are so many cool apps out there, but no place where they get integrated into one package which makes sense.

>adding these ideas into the UbuntuStudio distribution itself, as > some if not all your ideas may benefit a wide range of > UbuntuStudio users. 

Yeah, that would be nice to talk with you guys. The last time I
checkd, You were more into audio, and other media disciplines lacked attention.

>duplication of effort is often wasted effort
so true. 

> I do hope you can either attend the meeting, or start a >discussion about any ideas you'd like to see implemented in 
> UbuntuStudio
that was not possible, sorry. But I will hang out in your IRC
channel, just tell me when ths is most valueable.

> had the time and energy to join the UbuntuStudio development 
> effort to directly help improve UbuntuStudio, and implement 
> your ideas.
Interesting Idea. Time is a problem, for shure. Also,on my system, I am the king, so no communication overhead. But very much maintainig work...
Anyways, lets have a talk. I am quite interested in your developing process, at least we call learn from each other.

> Hope to hear from you very soon
you will.

greets from Austria, cellstorm

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