Invitation to attend the UbuntuStudio meeting this week, Thursday June 26th at 1am UTC

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed Jun 24 08:11:54 BST 2009

I saw your announcement of the Open Artist distro which you are working on, which is derived from Hardy. On behalf of the UbuntuStudio development team, I would like to invite you to our meeting to talk about future plans for UbuntuStudio. This meeting is being held on Thursday June 26th at 1am UTC, in #ubuntu-meeting on the freenode IRC network,

The UbuntuStudio development team is very interested in some of the ideas you are exploring in your derivative distro, and would like to discuss possibly adding these ideas into the UbuntuStudio distribution itself, as some if not all your ideas may benefit a wide range of UbuntuStudio users. I am not sure I can go so far as to say we can implement all your ideas, as we likely don't have the man power to do so, or the ideas are not feesable in the Ubuntu ecosystem for some reason or other.

I understand if the meeting time is not suitable for you, so if you cannot make the meeting, I encourage you to post to the UbuntuStudio development mailing list with your ideas, so we can discuss them, and work out which ideas may be feesable for inclusion in UbuntuStudio. One thing I learnt about the free software world a long while ago is that duplication of effort is often wasted effort, so several people working on one implementation or release saves time, increases the productivity of those involved, and improves the project by a long way.

I do hope you can either attend the meeting, or start a discussion about any ideas you'd like to see implemented in UbuntuStudio, and I hope we can have a good dialog between the UbuntuStudio development team and yourself. Ultimately, it would be great if you had the time and energy to join the UbuntuStudio development effort to directly help improve UbuntuStudio, and implement your ideas, however I understand if this is not possible.

Hope to hear from you very soon

Luke Yelavich
On behalf of the UbuntuStudio development team.
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