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> Hi all
> I have written up a task list for all the tasks that I could think of that need attention. I have already marked those tasks in which I will involve myself, so feel free to add yourself to a task if you want to help out. There are likely tasks I have forgotten about, so please feel free to add tasks to the list if you can think of any.
> The task list is here:
> Hopefully we can get a few people who can help with one or more of these tasks, and ensure we have a high quality studio karmic release.
> Thanks
> Luke

Hello all,

Firstly, sorry if this goes to the wrong place.  I'm trying to reply
from a digest message using Evolution and I hope I get it threaded

I'm volunteering myself on a few aspects of the task list.

Recruiting - I love to help get more people into Ubuntu Studio
Development, although I can only offer my enthusiasm, time and
newbie-developer outlook.

Promotion of Jack in main - I certianly don't mind doing the legwork but
I certainly will need guidance.  I've already read the Main Inclusion
Report (and other linked pages) and 'tis rather confusing to someone not
in the know.  But this certainly will be a good way to help while
learning stuff also (and I like learning stuff).  *Luke*, since you
offered assistance, I already have questions and would like to know the
best way to contact you.

Documentation - I had planned to make a website to help Linux newbies
install and run Ubuntu Studio 8.04 (LTS) based on MediaWiki (which is
probably changing to Drupal now since I bought the book).  I imagine a
lot of this information would be useful (like how to use Ardour to
record e.g.), therefore I can certainly cherry pick the parts that will
be useful to the official documentation.

Again, I have more passion, enthusiasm and time than I have experience
but I really want to give back somehow.

Scott Lavender

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