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Khashayar Naderehvandi khashayar.lists at
Sun Jan 11 13:07:27 GMT 2009

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 9:08 PM, Nedko Arnaudov <nedko at> wrote:
>>  * Transition to Jack2 (make detailed action plan)
> Some backgroud first:
Thanks a lot for this background information! I really needed to see
the big picture a bit clearer. This helped very much.

> Now back to JACK subject:
> The first step in integration of LADI in Ubuntu is of course
> JACK. Because of dbus resistance for jack1 codebase, jack2 is much
> better choice for ppl who share the LADI vision. jack2 is expected to be
> jack1 drop-in replacement. I.e. this means it is ABI and API backward
> compatible. This is the goal and I think it is in good shape (from my
> tests). Of course jack is big and complex software and because of bugs
> some apps may have problems. Such bugs usually are addressed with high
> priority.
> Currently there is a package for jack-1.9.0 in ubuntustudio-dev PPA and
> in REVU. There are some major issue that are fixed upstream after the
> 1.9.0 release. They may or may not affect large userbase. I personally
> use latest svn but of course I'm not typical Ubuntu user, in fact I dont
> even use Ubuntu on daily basis. I have Ubuntu Hardy installation that I
> occasionally boot.
The latest release mentioned at
 is 1.9.0. Is there a 1.9.1 version coming up soon? If there isn't,
and we want to try to get wider testing, perhaps we should have
non-svn packages available, as that would reasonly be what we will try
to push.

> We talked with Khashayar and others on IRC about maintaing JACK2 for
> Jaunty and backports for Hardy and others. As I have limited experience
> with packaging and package deployment I only can say that it will be
> useful for me of they are maintained as separate bzr branches with
> merge workflow:
>  1. upstream branch merged to main packaging branch (that should follow
>    lateset targeted Ubuntu release, currently Jaunty)
>  2. general packaging changes are made first to the main packaging
>    branch
>  3. main packaging branch is merged to backport branches, one per
>    release. Packaging changes specific to Hardy for example should be
>    made in the Hardy branch
In any event, I think we should prioritize on getting things straight
for Jaunty first. Backporting of libraries seems to be risky business,
and as far as I understand things, it won't happen, at least not very
easily. This also ties into the question of how we want to use the
PPA. For example, instead of backporting, we could put jack2 packages
in our PPA's hardy & intrepid branches, effectively allowing people to
test jack2 without forcing them to upgrade to Jaunty. But do we want
to do that, if there's never going to be official backports of jack2
to hardy and intrepid? Or should we perhaps put the packages there
precisely *because* they're not going to be backported. But this is
something we will discuss on the meeting.

> WRT my participation in packaging for Jaunty. While I still beleive
> Ubuntu is very important distribution and should have high quality LADI
> packages my upstream involvement gets higer priority. Also I'm doing
> software to earn money so I'm not really the one that can be relied upon
> for opensource work, espessially when it is involving timelines and
> deadlines. Please dont take this as offense or something liek this
> against Ubuntu, it is not. I just want to be clear on what I can
> contribute so nobody gets false expectations and bad feelings.
Well, hopefully, I will be able to take over the packaging and
maintaining of jack2, as well as some other packages, when things are
a bit more worked in with me. I still have a bunch of things to learn
(haven't even looked at bzr yet, for example), but I'd personally
think it would be fun to package and maintain :-)

>>  * Dropping pulseuadio for audio task (decide plan, details and action)
> I never used pulseaudio so I can't give any feedback on this.
>>  * Welcome khashayar1 to the team
> Welcome Khashayar! Nice to have one more person interested on JACK in Ubuntu!
Thanks :-)

One other topics we might possibly want to bring up on the meeting:
Testers: Is there any way we can encourage more people to test stuff?
Any strategies we can employ that we haven't thought of? etc.

I'm sorry this email comes so close before the meeting. I thought I
had sent it out already, but for some reason it got stuck in my

All the best,

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